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Site preparation mass grading

Site Preparation

Excavation, underground retention, utilities

Site Preparation is an act of gradinglandscaping, and building roads and sloping of an area of ground where anything previously located has been cleared to make the project site free of obstruction. This can include grubbing (removal of plants/over-growth) all the way up to and including building a pad for a new buildings.

site preparation clearing lot

Clearing & Grubbing

Land clearing and grubbing involves the removal of trees and brush on a piece of land. Depending on the size, location, and purpose of the land, the excavation may require professional land clearing equipment. Pushover, cut, grind and burning are three of the most used land clearing methods.

Mass grading

Mass Grading is an essential component of construction site work. It is one of the first steps in the construction process and is the base plate for an entire project. Mass grading is the moving of earth and soils in order to create a solid base foundation for a building or structure.

site preparation mass grading

Building pad and retention

A “pad” is a raised area of ground that has been compacted (by weight of bulldozer, compactor, grade tractor, front loader or other method) and is ready to receive the foundation. Most pads are built from fill dirt hauled to the job site or native soil if possible. If you are building a slab foundation, you will need to have a pad built. A compaction test will need to be  performed on the completed pad to ensure that the soil is sufficient to support the new building.

Water management, retention, drainage and sloping are all required when completing a lot. This allows the ground to shed water in a safe manner so as not to damage property. This can be achieved by sloping the ground away from buildings, storing water in underground basins, or a combination.

site preparation building pad and retention

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