Residential Demolition

Residential / House Demolition

Residential demolition

Working in neighborhoods

When doing a residential demolition project, efficiency, courtesy and proper planning is a must. 
a) You must work as efficiently as possible when doing a house demolition to disrupt the neighborhood as little as possible
b) You must be courteous, again, to disrupt the neighbors as little as possible
c) Proper planning is needed to ensure the above are met as well as budget and timing

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Residential demolition - house down

House demolition

The cleanup

When demolishing a residence, the environment should always be a top priority. Marrs Demolition + Grading strives to be as "green" as possible, leaving as small of an environmental footprint as possible. We separate materials as we work to be sure we are able to reuse or recycle as much debris as we can. This includes recycling concrete, gypsum, glass and asphalt to be reused for future construction projects. Steel, aluminum, copper and other metals are sent to a recycling yard to be processed. The less materials that are sent to the landfill, the better!

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